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MB&F Legacy Machine 101 Review by Christopher Beccan

MB&F Legacy Machine 101 Review by Christopher Beccan


Christopher Beccan, of Bexsonn Watches and Whiskey blog write about the new MB&F LM101 both pieces are available now at Marcus. 

MB&F LM101: Last year Max Busser and Friends introduced us to the Legacy Machine N°2, which was naturally the predecessor to the LM1. Max first introduced the LM1 in 2011, which featured dual time zone, vertical power reserve and a suspended balance wheel – with a more conservative design. This was made to answer the question of what type of timepiece Max Büsser would’ve created if he were born 100 years earlier? The MB&F LM2 was the follow up to this exact same question but going back even further by 250 years or so – to the times of horological legends of the 18th century: Abraham-Louis Breguet (1747– 1823), Ferdinand Berthoud (1727– 1807) and Antide Janvier (1751– 1835).

These two haute horlogerie timepieces mentioned above were well received by many but the question that most watch enthusiasts had on the their minds was, “when would MB&F introduce a piece that is more widely accessible and more wearable on a daily basis?” Once again Max Büsser and Friends have answered this question by introducing the Legacy Machine N°101. Read the full article on

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