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Zeit Device

King Cobra

Black Cobra (Altin)

Marcus & Urwerk

Felix Baumgartner will probably blush when he reads this introduction, but he is the most single-minded perfectionist I have met in a long time. Our initial meeting was not our best conversation. I could not come to terms with the margins he was offering and he continually told me not to worry as I would sell the watches very quickly – a line I have heard to my cost on countless occasions. When I mentioned this to him his reply could not have been simpler: ‘It is not a problem for me if you don’t sell my watches, I will take them back’. This was a first for me, in nearly 50 years in the watch industry.

Felix has conceived a new way of telling the time. His watches are simple, highly personalised, with a design that you either love or hate. They are watches for modern horological enthusiasts. In particular his Cobra model is quite unique. Patek Philippe tried to make a similar wristwatch in the Seventies and were unable to do so.

Marcus Margulies