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Marcus & Breguet

We worked with Breguet before their takeover by the Swatch Group, who must take credit for the dynamic growth of the brand during the past years. At that time they were a very much smaller company and were run by François Bodet, who was passionate about watches and put quality and tradition before all else. He was not the most commercial businessman that I have met – his sole aim was to produce wonderful timepieces in the Breguet tradition.
The four watches that we are showing are all unique. It would be difficult today to replicate the quality of the stones and workmanship. The design is the traditional marine that is still in the collection. It is timeless, and considered to be one of the great horological classics.
I read recently that a major jeweller was asked by a Far Eastern client to create an emerald bracelet watch. His comment was that it would take over two years and be more than double the price of a diamond watch. I can echo his thoughts, since we had a similar experience with our emerald marine.
In fact, I know of no other watch in this category that exists today.

Marcus Margulies.