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Felix Baumgartner (co-founder and master watchmaker) and Martin Frei (co-founder and chief designer) first met in 1995 to discuss developing a watch.

In 1997 they founded URWERK. With a very different outlook on watch making and design, URWERK is founded with one goal: to design and craft Haute Horlogerie timepieces blending tradition with futuristic vision. Something they have definitely accomplished.

The name URWERK is from:

UR – The city of Ur was the very first place where our perception of time was moulded over 6,000 years ago by the moving shadows cast by the obelisks of Ur. These giant sundials unveiled the mysteries of the earth's movement through space. The Sumerians, the people of Ur, declared that the passage of these shadows through the course of one year should be partitioned into 12 units (what we now call months), thus laying the foundation of time measurement as we know it today.

WERK – In the German language, 'werk' means to work, create, evolve, shape, forge and to arouse emotions.

Over the years the brand has continued with its unique look upon watchmaking and design with futuristic looks and individual ways of displaying the time. From linear time, to revolving telescopic satellites.

They are real visionaries who will shape the future of contemporary watchmaking.

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