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MusicMachine Black

MusicMachine Black


AXA.72.5865.000 SOLD

Limited edition of 33 pieces


Main body: Walnut sound amplification chamber; black piano lacquered (white lacquer UV resistant) Outriggers: Bead-blasted and anodised aluminium; black matte-anodised for black version.


Width: 395.00 mm x Length: 475.00 mm x Height: 165.00mm x Weight: 2.97kg


MusicMachine features two 3.72 movements (3 refers to number of melodies on each cylinder; 72 refers to number of notes on each comb); one movement is ‘right’ configured; one movement is ‘left’ configured (they rotate in opposite directions) Mainplate: nickel-plated brass, decorated with Côtes de Genève. The mainplate holds both movements; each movement includes a mainspring, cylinder, comb and regulator Mainsprings: wound via propellers Barrels: stainless steel; each with 6 heat-blued screws on top; grooved 'piston' sides Regulator: fan in stainless steel


Right cylinder – extracts from: ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ (1979) by Roger Waters and originally performed by Pink Floyd ‘Smoke on the Water’ (1973) written and originally performed by Deep Purple ‘Imagine’ (1971) written and originally performed by John Lennon Left cylinder – extracts from: ‘Star Wars’ (1977) main title by John Williams ‘Imperial March’ (1980) by John Williams ‘Star Trek’ (1979) main title by Jerry Goldsmith



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