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Limited edition of 99 pieces

Melchior is one of MB&F’s 10th Anniversary Pieces, presented in 2015 under the theme:”A creative adult is a child who survived”. Created with L’Epée 1839, Switzerland's only specialised high-end clock manufacture, Melchior is not only an impressive kinetic robot which may remind you of your childhood dreams, but also an impeccably finished, 480-component mechanical table clock.

Indeed, with his smart steel and brass armour, enigmatic glint in his eyes, animated brain and muscular, articulated arms, Melchior is the robot buddy you would want by your side while trying to thwart Darth Vader. But look again and you will see Melchior is a majestic high-end table clock featuring jumping hours, sweeping minutes, double retrograde seconds eyes and an impressive 40-day power reserve; a tribute to the most refined classic clock and watchmaking.

The clock regulator’s gentle beating and intricate composition are made visible thanks to its polished glass dome cover. If the protective dome acts like a skull, then the regulator symbolises Melchior’s brain at work; just as the brain governs the body, the regulator governs the clock’s remarkable precision. The retrograde action of Melchior’s expressive eyes marks off intervals of 20 seconds, endowing the robot with a hint of endearing human-like personality.

Christening this roboclock ‘Melchior’ – after a traditional forename in his family – Maximilian Büsser developed the concept with designer Xin Wang, selecting a high-end L’Epée clock movement and reimagining it as the mechanical head and torso of a robot. And of course a true robot companion is one you can play with: Melchior’s steel upper arms rotate and his lower arms pivot up or down – excellent manoeuvrability for aiming his rocket launcher and Gatling gun. In a neat design touch, his left arm detaches and doubles as the winding/setting key for the movement.


Stainless steel, chrome-plated brass and palladium-plated brass make up different parts of the body


30.3cm x 21.7cm (depending on position of the arms) x 11.2cm


L’EPÉE in-house designed and manufactured movement, 40 days power reserve


Jumping hours, sweeping minutes, retrograde seconds and power reserve indicator



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